Philanthropic Pursuits

Student Volunteering

Philanthropic Pursuits

At DPS, fostering compassion and empathy is more than just a notion; it’s a tangible commitment woven into the fabric of our ethos.

The Social Service Club exemplifies this dedication by extending its reach far beyond the school’s confines, embodying the belief that life’s essence lies in caring and sharing.

Venturing into the heart of slum communities, our student members, accompanied by our dedicated teacher in-charge, deliver not only medicines but also invaluable preventive measures. These visits, tailored to address prevalent ailments exacerbated by shifting weather patterns, serve as beacons of health and hope.

Moreover, our engagement doesn’t end at the margins of society. During festive seasons, the club orchestrates heartwarming activities for the elderly residents of old age homes, offering them solace amidst solitude. Additionally, we extend invitations for these esteemed seniors to partake in school functions, where they are accorded the respect and recognition they rightfully deserve.


The School Enterprise Challenge, SUSTANGO, is a venture by students of DPS Indore, advocating the need for a sustainable future. Students put their best foot forward to make their club the talk of the town. The young entrepreneurs of the club make handicrafts (fairy light bottles), pencils, earthern pots, soaps and envelopes, all handmade, organic and of course sustainable!

The products are displayed and sold in a fair and the proceeds go the Social Welfare Club who use the money to help the underprivileged.

Under the banner of “The Joy of Living,” our students embrace the spirit of generosity by reaching out to the less fortunate, offering essentials like money, clothing, medicines, and sustenance. It’s a gesture that brings immeasurable comfort and joy to those in need, embodying the true essence of humanity.

Nukkad Natak for Awareness:
As part of the initiative, DPS Indore conducts nukkad natak (street plays) in the local community to raise awareness about “Swach Bharat ” and “Imparting Education to Girl Child”.

Furthermore, our partnership with Helpage India amplifies our impact. Through annual campaigns, our students mobilize their communities, pooling resources to support the noble cause of aiding the elderly. These collective efforts culminate in tangible improvements, ensuring a dignified and supported life for our senior citizens.

DPS Indore stands as a beacon of compassion, where students not only learn the importance of giving but also actively participate in shaping a more caring and inclusive society.