Delhi Public School Indore

English Department

The English Department at Delhi Public School, Indore is a dynamic learning community dedicated to at exploring the beauty and power of language and literature. The mission of the Department of English is to facilitate the goal of the School to become an institute that aims at teaching excellence as well as meeting the needs of the rapidly changing modern Indian society.

The Department of English is dedicated in providing its students with the best teachers and teaching facilities. Currently there are sixteen full-time faculty members in the Department. They hold Masters Degrees from renowned universities of India. With an ideal faculty/student ratio, the students have abundant opportunities for interactions with their teacher both in and out of the classrooms.

Being a strong team, the Department has also designed a curriculum to meet students’ academic and professional needs. Besides chiseling language skills, the students are trained in participating in Group discussions, Personal Interviews and Public Speaking which will aid them in their professional life. Training in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, helps pupils to opt for any field that requires proficiency in English.

The Department of English has state-of-the-art language learning hardware and software to nurture its students’ growth in English language. A multi-lingual Language lab assists the teachers to make learning innovative, creative and result-oriented. This is further supplemented by many multimedia language materials.

Adhering to the spirit of the transformation of the CBSE Board, the Department of English responds to changes in the profession and society, providing students with a flexible academic framework that reflects contemporary and emerging issues in English learning and teaching. As esteemed members of this renowned institution, we always look forward to adding a dynamic new chapter to its future development.

Jyothi Nambiar (Vice Principal) Suhasini Nagar (HOD)
B.A.,M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil
Lincy Stephen (Dy HOD)
 M.A., B.Ed., CTET
Neelam Gogate
MA Eng. Lit, B.Ed, M.Phil
Deepali Jangley
M.A., B.Ed.
Payal Saxena
M.A., M.Ed., CTET
Shveta Bakshi
MA, B.Ed.
Montessori Trained
TFEL (PG Diploma)
Debjani Chatterjee
MA, B.Ed.
Punita Wadhwani
B.Com, BA (Eng.), DELF, Montessari Trained, Diploma in French (Level A1 & A2 ), B.Ed., TEFL
Rashmi Pandey
MA(Eng Lit.),
M.Phil (Eng), Ph.D (Eng)
Poonam Jandial
BA, B.Ed.
Neetu Jain
MA, B.Ed.
Aparajeeta Banerjee
 BA, MBA, B.Ed.
Sumita Awasthi
B.Com, B.Ed, CIET
Pursuing M.A. English (IGNOU)
Deepmala Bhardwaj
B ED,M.A(English),CTET
Manisha Geed
B.Sc., M.SC (IT, ENG.), B.Ed.
Shruti Behl
B. A, M.A (Drama, Indian Writing, Novel, Poetry), B.Ed.
Ketki Jaiswal
 M. A (Eng. Lit.), B.Sc
B.Ed., C.T.E.T