Club Hub


Club Hub

Unlocking the Treasure Trove of Talent: DPS Indore’s Club Facility

At Delhi Public School Indore, we cherish the belief that education is a multifaceted journey, and our Club Facility is a vibrant testament to this philosophy. This dynamic hub of creativity, innovation, and skill-building offers a diverse array of clubs, carefully crafted to nurture the unique interests, talents, and passions of our students.

From the inquisitive minds of our young scientists in the Science Club to the artistic expressions of our budding Picassos in the Art Club, every student has the opportunity to explore, learn, and flourish in a supportive environment. 

Our clubs are thoughtfully designed to:

  • Foster critical thinking and problem-solving prowess in the Robotics Club
  • Encourage creative writing and literary flair in the Literary Club
  • Nurture musical talents and rhythmic abilities in the Music Club
  • Develop self-expression and confidence through Dance Club
  • Build physical strength, endurance, and teamwork in the Sports Club
  • Refine leadership, public speaking, and debating skills in the Debating Club
  • Explore the vast expanse of technology and coding in the Coding Club
  • And many more…

Club Hub is the treasure trove to enable the students to embark on a journey of self-discovery, friendship, and adventure. Enriching the school experience to witness the magic within oneself. Join the Club Hub and be a part of something truly special—where every passion finds a home.

For classes VI to XII :
1.Vocal Music/ Orchestra Club
2.MUN Club
3.Dance Club
4.Eco Club
5.Social Service Club
6.Coding Club
7.English Literary Club
8.Chemistry Club
9.Language Club 
10.Environment Club
11.Drama & Theatre Club
12.Quiz Club
13.Art& Craft Club
14.ATL Club
15.Commerce Club
However, the clubs listed below happen during regular school hours for students of classes III to V: 
1.Art and Craft Club
2.English Literary Club
3.Environment Club
4.Math Club
5.Quiz Club
6.Cooking Club
7.Dramatics Club
8.Coding Club