Personality Development

Personality Development

Personality Development

Comprehensive Counseling Facility
Individual Counseling

Under the guidance of a qualified counselor, our counseling cell aims to bolster students’ coping skills to navigate environmental stressors, complex situations and adolescence.

Students are encouraged to approach the counselor for confidential, heart-to-heart discussions, proving to be immensely beneficial.

Personalized Support

Available on all school days, our counselor assists students from all classes upon referral from teachers or parents, providing personalized guidance and support tailored to their needs.

Group Counseling and Awareness Programs

Equipping children with essential life skills is paramount at DPS. We conduct programs, seminars, and group discussions on sensitive topics such as drug abuse, bullying, and gender equality to raise awareness and foster a supportive environment for our students.

Career Counseling for Global Citizenship

In the face of globalization, DPS recognizes the need for students to explore diverse career options. Our counseling cell hosts career counseling sessions led by experts from various fields, helping students discover their strengths and interests. These specialized sessions aim to groom students into global citizens with refined manners, etiquette, and a strong foundation in value-based development.

Professional help is provided in the following areas:

**Academic Stress
**Emotional Well-being
**Relationship Issues
**Behavioral Challenges
**Grief and Loss
**Trauma and Abuse
**Identity and Self-Exploration
**Body Image and Eating Disorders

The Unequalled Concerns

The counselling cell under a qualified and experienced counsellor aims at strengthening the child’s coping abilities to counter environmental stress, complex situations and adolescence. The students can also walk up to the counsellor for a heart to heart talk and this has proved to be very helpful for these students.

Personalized Counselling 

The counsellor, available on all school days, helps students from all classes when referred to by teachers or parents.

Group Counselling 

Equipping children with life skills is one of the most essential tasks at DPS. Programmes, Seminars, and Group Discussions are held on sensitive issues like HIV AIDS, Drug Abuse, Bullying, and Gender Equality to create a strong awareness in the pupils.

Career Counseling 

The impact of globalization has thrown up many options for living. At DPS, we feel such challenges can be faced well only when the discovery of one’s resources is effectively facilitated. The Counselling cell conducts career counselling sessions with the help of experts from respective fields, for the benefit of the students. This is a very specialized activity, particularly relevant for the adolescent student to help them acquire a quality of finesse and a “Polish”. These classes are aimed at grooming young girls and boys for manners and etiquette, with a stress on value based development. We prepare global citizens.