Vice - Principal Message

Dear Friends

Education is the master solution to all problems. True education enlightens social life and do away with the darkness of ignorance, wrong notions and blind beliefs.

An educational institution in society serves not only the purpose of imparting education to children but goes much beyond it, discharging the task of grooming the onerous future generation, bereft of class consciousness and stressing on universal brotherhood. It is a ceaseless noble task.

Delhi Public School, Indore prepares every child for life by imparting education which instills self-confidence and leadership. The child is helped to identify his or her strength. Delhi Public School, Indore creates an ideal environment for child to learn to evolve into a responsible citizen.

Here we chisel the young minds to widen the horizon of though process which enriches the students to deal with real life experiences.

A Dipsite is a global citizen who remains rooted in the Indian culture, but has the most modern outlook. The Alumni of Delhi Public School, Indore has made their presence felt in all walks of life, be it Science & Technology, Computer, Business and so on….

Our mission in to build exemplary citizens of tomorrow.

We Endeavour co-operation from all our stakeholders to succeed in our mission.

Asha Nair
Vice Principal