Principal Message

Dear Friends

‘The light of education tears the darkest clouds of ignorance’

DPS Indore carries the baton of its Alma Mater, DPS Society, New Delhi, committed for quality education and holistic development of each and every student.

Delhi Public School is the flagship school of JSWS. In the past 16 years of its operations Jagran Social Welfare Society has carved a niche in the state of Madhya Pradesh for itself. It has set new benchmarks in providing quality education to more than 25,000 students since its inception, with the main objective to develop and propagate educational programs, by the way of establishing progressive schools, colleges, universities or other educational institutions in India, open to all without any distinction of race, caste or creed and other social welfare objectives of the society.

It is said once a Dipsite always a Dipsite. Since the last fourteen years, Delhi Public School Indore is forging ahead not only in academics but also in sports, Art, Dance and Music.

Delhi Public School Indore, provides a conducive environment to each student to ‘dream’ and to help them realize their dream with conviction.

Here each Dipsite strives to reach the pinnacle of success under the guidance of a team of dedicated teachers. The team of staff leaves no stone unturned in sculpting the young minds to take on the world with a smile.

The sprawling campus of DPS Indore with exquisite architecture brings nature near the students.  The well lit classrooms, nestled amidst the lush greens provide an ambience for learning. The vast play grounds, Music, Art and Dance block bring out the latent talents of each Dipsite.

DPS has the strongest network of alumni in the world.The ambassadors of DPS Indore are spread across from IBM to facebook to research to architects and getting involved in social work.

This proves the objective of DPS to cut through the class of the Society.

The lively Dipsites makes the atmosphere of DPS Indore vibrant.

It is a mission we believe will help make the world a better place.

Mr. Ajay K Sharma