Upcoming Events

  1. Wednesday2 Aug 2017

    - Audition for Group Dance Competition for classes
  2. Thursday3 Aug 2017

    - Banana Eating Race for Pre Nursery Class
  3. Friday4 Aug 2017

    - Rakhi making and Thali Decoration Competition for classes II all sections
  4. Monday7 aug 2017

    - Holiday for all classes on the occasion Rakhi Festival

Proud to be a dipsite

National Equestrian Champion 2016-17
Horse Riding Champion, Aklavya Awardee, Gold Medalist – National Equestrian Champion 2016-17, Junior Dressage at Army Equestrian Centre, New Delhi. The Vibrant, encouraging sporting atmosphere and training facilities at school has sculpted me into a confident independent individual. Proud to be a Dipsite.

Paridhi Joshi

School Updates